Request for Bank Credit Reference

Request for Bank Credit Reference.

Ref ?????????????????..
To ???????????????????

Dear ????????????????
Re ????????????????..
The above account holder has requested that we obtain a bank reference from you. In order that we may evaluate trade terms for this account.
He has requested that we [that we permit him to run up a bill of N?????.]/ [that we permit him to run up a bill of N????.. on terms of payment within ??..days of invoicing.] We would appreciate the following information:
1. How long has the account holder had an account with you?
2. What has the average balance on the account been during the last quarter?
3. Is the account holder permitted to overdraw? If yes, what is his permitted overdraft?
4. Does the account holder have any term loans?
5. If the account holder has any term loans, please advise:
i ) present balance on loans;
ii ) terms of repayment;
iii ) is repayment satisfactory;
6. Has the borrower exceeded his overdraft limit within the last 6 months? If yes, please provide details.
7. Is the level of credit which the borrower has requested from us in line with what you would regard as normal, bearing in mind the nature and size of his business?
8. Is the overall banking relationship satisfactory?
Any additional comments or information you provide would be greatly appreciated and, of course, we would equally appreciate any future information involving a change in the account holder?s financial situation or their banking relationship with you.
All information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Yours sincerely
I hereby consent to the Bank furnishing to ????????. the information requested above.

Account holder.

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